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Leads: 67

Consultations: 13

Treatments: 7

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Value of 1 Treatment: £3000

Value of 1 Consultation: £1615

Value of 1 Lead: £313

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Praktic Samara

"421 Invisalign leads, £1.25 each..."

Praktic is a dental practice based in Samara, Russia. They were looking to generate Invisalign appointments. So, we came in and helped them do just that.

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Rupert Camack

"They are the hot sh*t"

Rupert was looking to generate orders of his new product. He tried working with a freelancer before but was burnt as the service results were terrible. We helped him not only regain trust in the power of Facebook Ads but got him more orders than his company could handle.

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Case Study

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Praktic is a dental practice that was looking to promote Invisalign® treatments on social media.

We helped them do exactly that and now want to share our experience and insights with you.

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